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Traders can make up to three or four trades per banking day?

Buy/Sell programs can pay profits weekly?

Top major banks issue MTNs to raise funds in both USD and Euros?

MTN trading has a very specific process to be successful?

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We are dedicated to those interested in personal trade transactions for the buying and selling of bank notes (such as MTN’s / BG’s / SBLC’s.) There is much fraud and much misconception regarding the buying and selling on a private level arena. There are certain red flags that one should always be weary of. There also seems to be various common elements to the legitimate buy and sell transaction. Though these elements combined do not guarantee a legitimate transaction, they are good indicators that you may actually be looking at a “real deal” versus all of the hype talk and “alleged” broker chains out there regarding the PPP’S advertised.

**** Though we’re not registered brokers in country or jurisdiction, nor are we offering any legal advice or information in anyway; if you are currently or have considered entering into an “alleged” private placement we would like you to download our information package for your knowledge and convenience. We hope and a pray that this information we share with you is the starting point of any potential investor considering the “traditional so named” private placements to beginning your own due diligence. ****

This informational site has been designed to bring awareness to the eyes of potential Private Buy and Sell investor’s only. This site is not for solicitation of any business or investments. This site contains much information describing the difference between a possibly legitimate transaction, and a possibly fraudulent one. Of course it always depends on the due diligence you do. It is your investment; protect it to the best of your ability. There are many red flags to watch for, many key words known as fraudulent terms. We hope our informational files can help you get started with your due diligence. For your convenience we have added links to the bottom of this page that will direct you the website of various authorities if you think you have been fraudulently involved. If you think you have been a victim of fraud, please do not hesitate, contact the authorities now! Then contact an international Tax and Law Firm to assist with your legal issues.

Our suggestion to you is to be careful! DO NOT allow the influence of 100% returns cloud your judgment! There are legitimate Private Buy Sell Programs (PBSP’S) out there as well as advertised Private Placement Programs (PPP’S.) Our best educated guess is there are about 1000 fraudulent Private Placement Programs per 1 legitimate. With proper due diligence on your behalf, there is no reason to be a victim in a Private Buy/Sell Program. Knowledge is the key to success. MTN Trading Info -  About Us

There are more victims of fraud in the PPP business that do not regain their investment dollars back, versus the few victim’s that are successful in fighting for their investment back. (MOST NEVER SEE A PENNY THOUGH.) It is possible to enter into a legitimate Private Buy and Sell Program, but you must do your homework. Due diligence is KEY, when you think you have done enough, do more. Better yet, we suggest that you locate an international law and tax firm to conduct the due diligence on your behalf. (As the old adage goes, spend a dollar, save a million.)

If you are interested in receiving more informational literature for educational purposes only, please contact us.

We will provide you with the best documentation we have at no charge to you. Any documentation requested by you is for informational purposes only, and represents no investment strategies.

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